Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What are those things????

This past Sunday, Steve and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day and go down to Point Judith/Galilee for an afternoon of fishing (well, he fishes and I lose myself in a good book!).
Unfortunately, we had to leave the puppers home, which they were not at all happy about (we did make it up to them the next day when we spent the afternoon at Auntie Lori's house), but the docks down there are very narrow and I could just foresee myself having a million and one heart attacks as they ventured too close to the edge of the dock!

Hey, I caught one!!

Before we headed home, we decided to stop by one of the docks to get some lobsters fresh off of the boat, and also picked up some steamers and blue crabs for a seafood fest.

Before we put the lobsters in the pot, we put them on the floor to see what Chewy's reaction was. As you can all pretty much guess by now, he barked his foolish head off and would not get too close to them (but then again, would you? Lobsters are pretty scary looking if you're down at the level, with the antennas waving around and the beady eyes, lol!).

Time to dig in! I tried giving the pups some lobster, but they sniffed it and turned their noses up at it! Imagine that!...and I thought they would eat anything!





Send us some lobster, we'll eat it and mommy will help!

Riley and Star.

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Aghh, those monsters look scary - eek! That looks like a nice place your mum and dad went, hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend :)
Wags and kisses
Dippy and Bridge xx

Cocorue said...

hmmm nice feast aunt Nadine...watch your cholesterol level ha ha and your waistline...

hey your award is soooo small - what happened???? did you want it this way????