Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(Does anyone know...I tried using the HTML code from Photobucket to post these pics (which I've always used before), but it didn't work.  Is Blogger not accepting Photobucket links anymore?  Do I have to do it the slow way by using the "insert image" button??)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy (Late) New Year

Butt it wasn't too happy for us on New Year's Eve.  Do you know what the parents did?  They had the audacity to go out and leave us, their precious furchildren, behind by ourselves!!!

We were not happy campers at all, no siree, no way!

What?????  You are going out without us?

Chewy tried to give the saddest puppy dog gaze he had, butt that didn't even work (and the Mom is usually a sucker for that, hee hee)

The Mom said she missed us.....does it look like they missed us?

She did redeem herself in my eyes the next day when she made me a new hoodie.

Chewy is still waiting for his redemption.

In other news, it was a sad day at Pella Heights when our tree came down today.

We sure are going to miss it, we loved the glow of the lights at night, and the tree skirt made the best pee pad sitting spot ever!

357 days until Christmas, BOL!!