Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mom's a Doggie Fashion Designer!

Our Mom has always been a little on the creative side. Back a few years ago, she was into knitting and had made lots of scarves and even a baby blanket for one of her friend's new baby. Then she got into jewelry making, as you all know, and has now moved on, besides the jewelry making, to sewing.

When Mom was a little girl, she took sewing lessons with all her little friends from this woman in her neighborhood. But then she grew up and didn't sew anymore, except for the time she made a medieval costume she wore when she used to go to King Richard's Faire.

Butt, ever since we came into her lives, she's been wanting a sewing machine in the worst way! She said that she wanted to make us clothes herself, because she's always looking for particular outfits and gets frustrated when she can't find them, or the colors that she wants. Plus, we think that she just has too many ideas in her head that she wants to get out!!

So, when her birthday rolled around, she decided one day that that was it....she was definitely going to get a machine. She called Grandma for help in buying a good machine (Grandma is also a very big sewer, she used to make Mom and Uncle clothes and Halloween costumes when they were little and has moved on to making beautiful quilts and wall hangings). Grandma went to a local sewing machine shop and one day Mom came home with a brand new shiny sewing machine!

We are very pleased (and proud) to debut her first creation.....her Sunshine & Daisies dress, designed after the Lilibell's Jewels Sunshine & Daisies necklace!


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Don't I look so pretty in it?

Mom said that she is going to make a leash to match it.....our Mom is so very matchy matchy, BOL!

We would like to add, for all you hoomans who think it is silly and/or cruel to dress dogs in outfits, that I, Lilibell, just LOVE to dress up! Besides making me look and feel like a princess, because I am a little one and my fur is very, very short, I get cold a lot and clothes help me to not shiver. Chewy only gets dressed on special occasions, he has a much higher body temp than I do and only shivers in the dead of winter.

Keep your eye out, Mom has lots of ideas in her head and we foresee a storm of sewing in the future!!