Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Plea to Dip Dip & the Bridge and Elliot Too

Oh My Dog!!!  We can't believe you guys are back in Blogville!!!!!  We saw your post today and just about swooned in excitement at seeing you guys again after so long!  We've been dancing around, giddy with happiness because we just terribly missed you guys.  Even the Mom was dancing with us!

However, we have one very small problem.  Since you guys have been away, the comment section on Blogger has gotten terribly messed up, and if it's embedded in the post, it doesn't work for us.  We tried to leave a comment for you guys, but the Mom could not get it to work.  If you could kindly have your Mum change the comments to a pop up window, it would be much appreciated!  Since the Mom couldn't get it to work today, we wanted to do this post especially for you so you wouldn't feel like we had forgotten you (like that would ever happen!!!)

Your Biggest Fans,
Chewy & Lilibell