Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chewy's Gotcha Day!

Today is Chewy's Gotcha Day! Two years ago is when he came forever home to us, and I'll never forget that day.

Steve had been talking for the longest time, after his dog Ninook passed, about how he wanted to get another dog. I really wasn't thrilled with the idea....I never was a dog owner (having had cats all my life) and I really wasn't into the idea of the responsibility of a dog. We had a cat at the time, Phoebe, and it was just so easy having a cat! But as long as Steve got a small dog, I guess that was okay with me.

On that Saturday, he went online looking for a Chihuahua. He found one ad, but when he was sent the picture, it wasn't the one for him. Then he found another ad, and the picture he got was of the cutest little chocolate Chihuahua! He contacted the seller again, and told her we were interested. She asked us to come by the next day to see him.

On Sunday, we had to wait for the breeder to come home and call us. We waited all day for that call, and when she did finally call us, we were told that another couple was coming to look at the same pup, but they were travelling a farther distance than we were. We immediately dropped everything we were doing, jumped into the truck and raced the 20 miles to Fall River....we wanted to get there first! Now mind you, we really weren't expecting to take this particular pup and weren't expecting to bring him home that night. But once we got there, and took a look at him and held him, we knew that he was the one for us! So off we went, with a new addition to our family!

Because we weren't expecting to take a pup home that night, we were totally unprepared. It was getting close to 6:00, the time stores close up here on Sundays, so we needed to make another mad dash to Petco before they closed. We got there with 15 minutes to spare, and with Chewy wrapped up underneath my jacket, we bought a bed, toys, treats, food, bowls, leash, halter, and of course I had to get him his first sweater, lol!

When we got home, we got him all settled in and introduced him to his cat sister Phoebe. Chewy didn't mind Phoebe, as the breeder had cats of her own, but Phoebe was having nothing to do with this little ball of terror! (Phoebe eventually got used to him, but only tolerated him.) That night, both of us fought over who would hold him while we watched TV, haha! And when it was time for bed, since we didn't have a crate, we decided to use Phoebe's cat carrier, until we could get a proper crate. We went to bed, and Chewy started whining and crying. After about 10 minutes, Steve, the old softie, got up and brought Chewy to bed with us and that's where he's slept ever since.

Chewy's First Night at Home

I so fell in love with this little Chocolate Chi, I hated going to work and leaving him, I missed him so much, but when Steve picked me up from work, he always had Chewy with him to greet me in the car. Chewy quickly became the apple of our eyes and we are so very grateful to have him as part of our family!


Friday, February 26, 2010

To my Love Riley

When Mom came home from work last night, she told me that I got a package in the mail! I wondered who it was from, but Mom told me we had to wait until after supper to open it up.

Who could it be from? It's from Riley!

It says "Sealed with a Kiss!"

Have to open the card first....a Valentine's Day card!

Riley wrote "Please be my Valentine" Of course I'll be your Valentine!!

What's in this package Mom?

Three pretty bandanis!!

And in the big package there was a shirt that said "Be Mine!" Yes Riley, I'll be your's!

Don't I look so very pretty in my new shirt!

Here I am modeling one of my pretty bandanis! Purple, one of my favorite colors! How did you know that Riley? You're good!!

Chewy, get away, these are my pressies, not your's!

Hmmmppf, fine be that way. Girls!!

I'm going to put Riley's card right next to my pup tent, so that I can see it whenever I want to!

Riley, thank you for being the sweetest pup in the world and for thinking of me, I will cherish your card and presents forever and ever! I know that you're with pretty Tessa, but I just want you to know that if she ever gets tired of you (and she would be a fool if she did!), I'll be here for you waiting, because you are my forever Valentine!!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday at the Videos

I know, it's been a while now since we've done Tuesday at the Videos, I am hoping to get back on schedule with this!

Today's video features Chewy playing catch with his father. Watch how he prances with anticipation of his toy being thrown! He just started the prancing that day...we've never seen him do it before.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you Indiana, Shingo and Molly!

We woke up this morning to the loveliest of awards from our friends Indiana, Shingo and Molly over at Feisty Three!


The rules are to list 10 things that make us happy and do at least one of them today and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

What Makes Us Happy:

1. Having our Mom home with us and not at work.
2. Our furry blankets.
3. Treats!!
4. Belly rubs.
5. Being able to go out for walks and not freeze our hineys off.
6. Having a thumb to suck (that's Chewy, not Lilibell, BOL!).
7. Kisses and huggies.
8. Toys.
9. Living in a safe and warm home.
10. Every single one of our Blogger friends!

We are passing this award on to:

1. Our brand new friend Remington
2. Dinah, Bridget and Elliot
3. Bentley and Lexus
4. Mollie Jo and Bobo
5. Miss Bella Lou
6. The Lovely Princess Coco and her sisters
7. Bijou and her brother Banjo
8. Coco
9. Riley and Star
10. Izzy and her brother Sparky

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Is it Spring yet??

No.....okay, wake me when it gets here.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Riley, I'll be your Valentine's Sweetie!

Riley, ever since I first laid my sweet puppy eyes on you, it was love at first sight. I just couldn't get your luxurious white hair out of my mind, and those beautiful puppy eyes I've fallen head over heels for. I will be your forever Valentine sweetie and love you for the rest of my life.


I may not be a Maltese, or as big and strong as you are, but I am very fashionable,
so I know we'll look good together on a night on the town, and I am pretty much a quiet and contemplative doglet,
although I have been known to voice my opinion, quite loudly, every once in a while!

Here is my special Valentine's outfit specially for you that I made my Mom go out and get for me, BOL! Look, it even has cupid wings on it, so I can go and fly to my Valentine's sweetie!

And here is my special card to you
(If you're having a problem reading it, it says "From Your Smoochy Poochy, I love you Lilibell" Mom was having problems with the flashy box!)

And of course it's sealed with a kiss

So Riley, will you be my Valentine's Sweetie?


Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Must Apologize

If we may not be around here that much next week, or not comment on your blogs. You see, our Mom got some not so good news about our Grandma...she is in the hospital and we hope that she will be getting out soon.....but it has made our Mom very, very sad.

Our Grandpa called Mom yesterday and told her the not so good news. Mom came home from work early, and I, Chewy, made sure that I gave her PLENTY of loving to try to cheer her up. But she really hasn't been herself since that call, so we will do our darndest to try to get her back to normal.

We'll still be around here reading all of your pawsome blogs, but please excuse us if we don't comment on them....we still love you all!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Grand Opening!!!!


We'd like to invite all of our furfriends to the grand opening of Lilibell's Jewels!!! Mom worked hard all weekend long on getting shop set up on EBay and we are so very proud of her!

Come on by and browse around....there's something for everyone, even us guys! Be sure to check back often, as new designs are added frequently.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to check it out!!