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Monday, January 10, 2011

She Did It!


Mom has successfully quit smoking!  Today is the 32nd day of being smoke free and she can now call herself a non-smoker, woo hoo!

Mom has been smoking since she was 15 years old.  So that means she's been smoking now for close to 30 years.  She has tried so many times in the past to quit this nasty habit, but never was successful.  She wasn't that heavy of a smoker, about a pack a day, butt still, that's enough to cause a lot of damage.  The longest she went before was 2 weeks, before she gave in to the craving and lit up.

She was thinking about quitting again, and even tried for a couple of days back in September.  Butt the night before Thanksgiving was when she finally had it and said "enough with this bad habit!"  She thought about the many reasons why she should do it, such as:
1.  She'll live a lot longer
2.  She'll be saving a ton of money (which means more that she can spend on us, BOL!)
3.  Her lung capacity will come back
4.  She won't smell like a stinky ashtray anymore
5.  The house won't smell like a stinky ashtray anymore
6.  Butt most importantly, and one of the main reasons why she had to quit, was she was very worried about us breathing in second hand smoke.  She said she would be devestated if we got cancer because of her, especially seeing as how she's doing everything in her power to keep us healthy and living long lives.  She also said that she was so tired being a slave to the addiction.

So, the Monday after Thanksgiving, she woke up, slapped a patch on and has not looked back.  She says it's true when they say "You'll only be successful with quitting if you really want to quit."  And she really did want to quit and be sucessful this one last time.  It was hard for her in the beginning, even with the patch on she still had cravings, butt she always kept the thought in her head that the craving will pass, which they always did.  Butt this past week she didn't even think about cigaretts and smoking.  And she's already feeling an improvement healthwise (although right now she has a nasty cold!)....she doesn't have that smokers cough anymore, she's not huffing and puffing when going up the stairs, she has lots more energy and is not tired as much, she smells delicious all the time now and the money she has in her pocketbook now, oh Lord!

Mom, we are so very, very proud of you!