Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mommy & Me Day at Johnston Appple Festival

Today Mom and me had a day together with Auntie Lori, and cousins Nate and Harry! We went to Johnston Memorial Park for the annual Apple Festival and I had so much fun!

Our day started when Mom dressed me in the pretty pink harness that our dear friend Susan had made for me.

When Mom put that on me, I knew that we were headed out for a fun day. Mom at first was talking about taking Chewy, but Dad wasn't sure if they allowed dogs in the park (wait a minute!!! I'm not a dog...I'm a child wrapped in fur, BOL!), Mom decided to just take me, as I'm much, much quieter than Brother, and if anyone said anything to us, she would just pop me into my VB bag.

Here's Brother pouting because he can't go, but then Mom gave him his Nyla bone and he was much happier, plus Dad was staying home with him, so he wouldn't be alone.

Then we were off!

We were to meet Aunti Lori in the parking lot of Shaws.

Where is Aunti Lori?

Is that her??

It was a good time at the festival.

I didn't really want to do a lot of walking, I preferred to ride in Mom's arms. I guess I was in a lazy mood today, BOL!

Mom, I as a princess need to be carried by you!


Plleeaasssee pick me up!

There's my cutie cousins Nate & Harry.

Boy, was I pooped! As soon as we got into the truck to go home, I fell right asleep!

And then when I got home I pooped out on Dad's shoulder until it was suppertime.

I sooooo love Mommy & Me days!!


Draco and his Mom said...

Lilibell you look so beautiful in your pink harness dress. You mom must be so proud of you because you always behave so nicely. Mom likes the picture of you asking to be picked up,and you sleeping on your dads shoulder.
Wags and wiggles,


Ooooh, You look soo cute in that pink dress! I tink your mommy just wanted to show you off. but one ting mommies don't understand is, OUR LEGS ARE SHORT AND WE GET TIRED!!!

I'm glad she finally picked you up.

Riley and Star.

Bijou said...

Hi Lili,

There was an apple festival near us too this weekend but mom was to busy to go. You are very pretty in your pink vest/harness. I bet you had lots of admirers at the festival!

Wags & wiggles,

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Cousin, you look so very lovely in your pink dress that Auntie Susan made for you. What a nice day you had out with your Mommy. We missed our Mommy bunches this weekend since she was busy with those stupid weddings. We love that picture of you sitting on Daddy's shoulder. We LOVE Daddy-lovin' pictures!

Chihuahua kisses,
Bentley & Lexus

Twix said...

Hey Lili! What a fun time you must have had. That is the exact same way I ask to be picked up. Your pink dress is very pretty. You and Lorenza should have a fashion show.