Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honest Blog Award


Yep, I've been tagged by Tiffany for the Honest Blog Award! It's taken me awhile to put this together, I'm really terrible about thinking of things about myself, but here we go!:

10 Things about Nadine:
1. I dye my hair and have been dying it since I was 25 due to premature greying. I am probably about 75% grey right now!
2. I am an admitted homebody. I would much rather be home than working or going out to clubs!
3. I just loooooove to read books (medieval historical fiction). I would rather read than watch TV.
4. I used to be a shoe-aholic, but ever since I got the puppers, it's all about them now!
5. I have a love affair with my convertible.
6. I will never eat a green pepper nor any food that contains them. I'll eat red and yellow peppers, but NEVER a green pepper.
7. Chaos bothers me.
8. Favorite food: fish & chips
9. I am a licensed cosmetologist and was a nail technician for about 15 years, before I got burnt out.
10. I am at my happiest when I am home with my boyfriend Steve, and Chewy and Lilibell

10 Things about Chewy
1. I like to suck on Daddy's thumb, sometimes Mommy's too
2. My mission is, once I'm tired of a toy, to tear the squeaker out of it
3. I need my favorite toy with me when I go to bed
4. I hate it when strange dogs are on MY streets, how dare they, don't they know this is my kingdom??
5. I have the need to spread my scent all over the world
6. I wait at the window every day until Mommy gets home from work
7. I absolutely refuse to have my teeth brushed!
8. Chew food? Who needs to do that when it can be inhaled!
9. I like to nip the lady that lives upstairs from us.....she's nice and tasty!
10. I am definitely a momma's boy!

10 Things about Lilibell
1. I am a princess and you better remember that!
2. Why should I jump up on the couch if you are there to pick me up!
3. I hate to get my feet wet.
4. If it's on the floor, it's in my mouth!
5. I love to give sweet kisses (and sometimes go nose mining, hehe!)
6. Cheerios, did someone say Cheerios?!!!!
7. I am very shy with strangers.
8. I am a clothes horse, mommy's always saying how I have more clothes than she does!
9. I hate getting my nails clipped, but I sure do love having them painted!
10. I just love my Vintage Bitch bag, whenever I see that I know I'm off on an adventure!


Katie, Mollie and Bobo said...

We paint our nails to Lilibell! Welcome to the doggie blogosphere.

-Mollie and Bobo

Tiffany said...

Very interesting! I too used to be a shoe-aholic and designer bag-alohic before the munchkins. Now its totally all about them. And I also can not function in chaos. I need an orderly environment to function.

Chewy, Bentley chews the squeakers out of his toys too! And Lilibell, Lexi loves her VB carrier too. She will try to climb in it anytime she sees it out.

Nadine said...

Tiffany, Lilibell does the same thing as Lexi, when I get the bag out, she hops right into it!!