Friday, July 17, 2009

Chewy then and now

My sweet sweet Chewy. I can still remember the day you came home to us, my chocolate little baby. The morning after you came home, I had taken you out of bed so you could do your business, then run around for a bit before popping you back into bed with Daddy. I was in my dressing room sitting down while blow drying my hair. You came up to my chair with those sweet puppy eyes just begging for my lap. I picked you up and settled you down into my lap when you decided to go into my bathrobe and squirm around until you were comfortable in the back. Thank goodness I had it tied, it helped to keep you in there safe and warm (and I looked like I had a papoose on my back, hehe!) You are all grown up now, but will always be Mama's sweet baby.

Your first night home with us, February 24, 2008. Age 10 weeks.

I miss the days when you used to snuggle against my chest. Even though you don't do it anymore, you still give your Mama plenty of lovin!

I know you looked ridiculous in this sweater (it's actually a girls sweater!), but that was all they had at Petsmart in your size and you needed something to keep you warm!

Your girlfriend Zebrina. You and her got it on quite a bit, until one day you got tired of her and kicked poor Zebrina to the curb!

This was your first Easter with our family, and all 3 of us had plans to go over to Auntie Bruni's house for some fabulous Italian cooking. I thought it would be cute to dress you up as a bunny and ordered the outfit off of EBay. I was hoping that it would reach us in time for that Sunday. That Saturday, I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was dripping wet. I went to check to see if the mailman had been there yet, as the package was expected that day. He had indeed come and had not bothered to ring the doorbell but left a notice in the box saying that delivery was attempted and the package could be picked up at the post office on MONDAY!! I promptly threw on some clothes, jumped into Papa's truck and went tearing around the neighborhood trying to find our mailman, lol! I finally caught up with him on Broadway, he must have thought I was some crazy lady, jumping out of the truck like that! But the chase was worth it, because you were the cutest bunny that Easter, even though you hated life wearing that costume!
The hat I got you to wear to your cousin Harry's birthday party. Yes, every time we took you someplace special, I had to dress you up in that particular theme (thank goodness I don't do this anymore, huh Chewy!) This picture was taken the day I got the hat in, notice how it looks all nice nice. Until the next day.....I had put it on the sofa table, not even thinking, and your father came home from work and found the hat in the middle of the floor, the fluff half ripped off, the pompom totally off and the point all chewed up. I couldn't get mad at you sweetie, first off, it was my fault for leaving it in that spot, and second, you were only doing what dogs do!

And here we are at the party. The hat looks better, don't you think? Your father and I glued and stapled so that it was at least presentable, as long as you didn't look to closely at it, haha! I still have this hat and will never get rid of it.

Your sweet cousin Harry, he does love you. Harry was unable to pronounce "ch" so he would say your name as "Gooey" and that nickname has stuck with you! If we went over to Auntie Lori's house and you weren't with us, Harry would ask "where's Gooey?" and we would always say "he's home sleeping!"

Your Halloween costume, I thought you were the cutest bumblebee, but absolutely refused to keep the bonnet on!! We had to go walking around the Hill with it around your neck, because every time I put it on, there you were trying to get it off!

And we come to your birthday, December 3rd (I hope I remembered the right day, I am absolutely horrible about remembering the exact days of birthdays!). On the actual day of your birthday, your Uncle Anthony was over and we had a small celebration. I made you and your sister a birthday dinner of a hamburger with some steamed vegetables and you inhaled it! I also had a big family party for you on another day, but that story is for another time.

I so wanted a picture of you in your birthday hat, but I guess you just don't want to wear hats anymore (you did so good at your cousin Harry's birthday party, what happened?!) So....this is the best picture I could get of you...brat, haha!

This is one of my favorite pictures of you, you have the sweetest expression in it!

And here we are today, at 1 year and 7 months. How the time has flown my son, and even though you've become what we affectionately call our "problem child", lol!, you still melt my heart when you look at me with your eyes filled with love. You will always be Mommy's little man and I love you!


Tiffany said...

What a fantastic story! I thought I loved Chewy before, but now I love him so much more! What a sweetie pie. I hope one day I actually get to meet your two little ones because I am seriously in love with sweet Chewy.

Nadine said...

Tiffany, I also hope that one day maybe we can all meet!