Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Ears

Furfriends, you all know that Chewy is 100% certifiably a Chihuahua, but he is not your average Chi. Chi's are supposed to be around 5 to 6 pounds (that is the standard) but Chewy weighs around 12 pounds!! Also, he is very big for a Chi too. And the other thing that makes him different from Moi, your standard Chi, is that he has floppy ears!

No, they do not stand at attention like they're supposed to, they flop over. Mom said that when he was a puppy, his ears did stand straight up for two weeks, but then they flopped back down and have stayed down ever since. Mom calls them "Lazy Ears" because they are too lazy to stand straight up, BOL!
Butt....when Chewy is sleeping and his ears are sleeping too, they sometimes forget they're supposed to be floppy and...they stand straight up! And look, I have proof of this phenomenon!!

Exhibit 1: Chewy is fast asleep, butt his ears are sticking straight up.

That's okay Chewy about your floppy ears, we still love you!!



Louisiana Belle said...

Floppy ears, a little extra weight, eh. How could anyone look at you and think anything other than how cute you are? We're not perfect either and mom loves us all the more for it. :)

Avery Jack said...

I have floppy ears and I weigh in at 10.4 pounds. However, I am not 100% chihuahua certified. Only 50% Chi and 50% Schnauzer..It's ok..our floppy ears and big boy sizes just makes us stand out from the rest..Cause we're special like that right? BOL!

Chi Kisses,

Remington said...

Too cute! Floppy ears are nice....he just needs them up when he's asleep in case treats are brought out....don't want to miss that!

little princess Luna~ said...

awwwww--that is too cute~!! heehee--"lazy ears"~!
thanks for wanting to be my furend~! i am now following you~! i know we will get along great~!! :D


Anonymous said...

I think Chewy keeps his ears up when he's sleeping so he doesn't miss out on Anything!

woo woos, Tessa

sprinkles said...

So cute! My Shiver is a big chi too. Big as in tall. The last time he was at the vet, he weighed in at 10 pounds. I thought I'd get a lecture from the vet but he didn't say anything.

Debbie said...

aww, that's so cute! I have a chi/terrier mix that sometimes she will only get one ear up and the other stays silly, but I love her Bella has very large ears for a puppy, but when she sleeps, so do her ears and once she's up, so are her ears. lol

Mr Koda MD said...

Is there a labrador hiding in there somewhere?


Nothing wrong with floppy ears! And nothing wrong with stickyuppy ones either!

Happy Tuesday

Bijou said...

Chewy has lazy ears like Banjo! I think it's a boy thing, cause every buddy knows girls rule!! BOL


Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Floppy or not, Chewy is 100% cute!

Peggy y Mhathy said...

Hi friends, "lazy ears", meaning in spanish "orejas perezosas" them made you very special and diferent, this is your own stylish. Thanks for congrats me on my second birthday. Bechitos Peggy.

Chewy said...


I like you floppy ears!

Paws and Licks

Cocorue said...

floppy ears ,nicely rounded bod....whatever, we still LOOOOOOVE you loooooots


Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Oh Chewy, they broke the mold when they made you, you are one adorable chihuahua.
Wags Dip Bridge and Elliot xxx
ps, Bridge is 8lb so you have something in common.