Monday, September 5, 2011

Keep Your Human Busy

Because if they get bored, this can happen to you.....
(Can you see the plea of help in my eyes?)



Holly said...

Aww Lilibell! I have missed you guys! Bella hates baths too but her new "little big sister" loves them. Happy Monday :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, ya gotta keep those Pawrents movin, if they get that we need to wash you look in their eyes we are in trouble!

I just love the way you 2 dry off! Me too!

Sure are glad your back, cause I sure did miss you both!

woos, Tessa

sprinkles said...

You poor things, I can't believe your mom had the NERVE to give you baths. Doesn't she know dogs don't like baths?

My chi's get all hyper like that too immediately after a bath. They rub all over everything and run around like crazy. It's funny.

Jemma the Chihuahua said...

Poor Lilibell, we can tell you were begging really hard for help!

I definitely agree - keep those humans busy. VERY busy! Or else they will get such absurd thoughts in their heads.


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Awww! But I bet you smell so good!

AndreaLeigh said...

aww! such a sweet little thing. my chis look the same when they are getting a bath.

Coco - The Princess said...

please have yoru mommy pemail my mommy so they can start discussing the dress! We want your mommy to make it and we are in LOVE with a dress that you are wearing on your web site that has little roses on it. our peemail address is on our profile page. My mommy also added your mommy on FaceBook!

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Letters To Gavin said...

Gramma washes all of us dogs once a month. Sometimes more when I get into some really squishy mud or something. I tried fighting t first, but it is better if you just let her have her way. Us dogs like to run and run when we get through with the bath, well, except for Emmy. She likes for Gramma to blow dry her!

Peggy y Mhathy said...

Oh my god your eyes are like mine when my mom gave me a bath last week, I was so sad. After the bath she dry me and cuddle me and I felt better. Hope to see you again. Chikisses, Peggy,

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Oh noes, Lilibell!!! We've got to make sure we keep Moms busy!! We see the look of desperation!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Cocorue said...

hello hello hello,

missed you guys and how come we can't leave messages anymore??????

you are always in our thoughts eventhough we can't get mumster to post

coco and tiffy

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Nadine, If your friends Mom is serious, have her start looking in late March-April-ish at the Animal Foundation link on our blog. Let me know her criteria. I'll pull a chihuahua, and bring it back east for her. After a month on the road with Stumpy and I the lil guy/girl would be all rehabbed and socialized and recovered from shelter life.

It's in my plans, anyways, to pull two dogs from a Shelter, one to keep and one to rehome after rehabbing. I plan on leving here late april-early may and being back in new Englad by Memorial Day.

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Hi Nadine, I saw on Bert's Blog that he was fostering a chihuahua that's looking for a forever home. I told him I'd give you a heads up! I don't know where he's located though :(

Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
Stumpy and me

sprinkles said...

Stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanxgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chewy and Lilibell and your Mom too! I is hoping that you all had a Pawsome Turkey day!

I also hope that you ALL gets lots of leftovers this weekend too!

Sure do miss you lots!

woos, Tessa